Monday, December 6, 2010

good things

I had the pleasure of photographing this little darling over the weekend.  (There are a few more shots over here.  You may remember her glowing mama, from here!)
After the photos were taken, we all enjoyed an afternoon at the Christmas tree farm and a festive dinner by a great big fireplace.  Talk about a good day.
Today a fever bug seems to have struck, giving us an excuse to cozy up by the tree with movies and a stack of Christmas storybooks. Maybe I'll try to take some twinkle light pictures later on...or maybe I'll just make some coffee and read another book.


  1. Oh! Those lips! What a sweet love! :) The little hat is so cute, too.

  2. Hey! I dont know if I ever responded to your comment on our blog about knowing the sonntags! What a small world. We used to live in Waco and have mutual friends is how we know them. Your pictures are amazing!! How did you get that shot! I can never get pictures like the one above!! :)


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