Saturday, March 27, 2010

snow goose...again

Well, it wouldn't be Spring here without pictures of the Cherry tree would it? Like last year and the year before. The challenge is in getting different pictures every time. I have a lot of photos from my garden and sometimes I look at them and get bored. I take a lot of the same flowers at the same angles with the same predictable result. A photo just isn't the same as the real thing so what is it about a good nature photo that makes you stop and say wow? I think I'm going to work on that as I soak up these last few months in my garden. Maybe it will help take my mind off the fact that I have to leave my garden.


  1. Ughhh the thought of you leaving that garden and this street makes me physically sick to my stomach!

  2. It's sad to leave behind your garden, but at least you can transplant some things and bring them with you. I always love that about gardening - having plants from various places in your life and in your friends and family lives (if they like to garden and share plants with you). My mom and mother in law have gardens full of memories.

    As you know I love cherry trees! They are just starting to really bloom here.

  3. Re-potted one of Christie's plants today and moved them all to the sunny back deck. Am hoping they toughen up a bit before the wind whips them to shreds! We brought all of Christie's home with us as we drove back from Chicago....will take some cuttings and hopefully deliver them to Jacksonville when we travel down in May :)
    luv d


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