Wednesday, March 17, 2010

even better

In the past few months I've been trying to teach myself a bit of photo shop. I only have Adobe Elements 6 which was enough to overwhelm me until I discovered the great actions here at CoffeeShop. I love it when I suddenly find myself with a set of photos that are calling out for a certain effect. The Butterscotch Vintage action feels like it was made for my Vermont pics and then last night I remembered I had downloaded the Rounded Corners action but had yet to try it. Turns out it is icing on the vintage cake.
We stayed in that cute old Inn up there (with its Christmas decorations up in March just like every other business in town...can someone explain that one to me please?) and we ate several great meals at the diner right across the street (complete with stacks of homemade pies under glass domes and chatty servers who call you "hon" and make fun of the cook through the window.)
We didn't just go to Vermont to drive around and eat though...although we did a lot of that and man it was nice listening to The Magnetic Zeros instead of kid tunes for a change and eating meals that I didn't have to cut into tiny bits to share or pick up off the floor!
I guess I should clean up some skiing photos and post those next?


  1. I can just smell the coffee brewing in that diner. Your description and pictures have me pining away. It reminds me of that place in the old movie "White Christmas" :)

  2. Those are great -- your touches are just right for these photos!

  3. I use some of the coffeeshop actions, too. Lomo and cross process are two of my favorites. I usually tone down the vignette and reduce the opacity on all the layers because they are just too much at 100%. I love vintage looking photos, and these are great.

    Maybe they leave the Christmas decorations up while the snow is still on the ground?

  4. Beautiful photo treatments - They look just like vintage postcards.

    Ooooh, a rounded corners action - I'll definitely take advantage of that one - thanks for the link!

  5. I'll be purchasing my Photoshop Elements soon. I can't wait to start learning it. I spent two hours in the real cool "old downtown" in Springfield, Missouri, with seven of the basketball girls last Friday. I had the best time taking pictures in this three-block area that offered a different background every few feet. Those pictures are screaming to be edited by Photoshop Elements and all the extras you've been passing our way. Thanks for sharing your finds.


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