Tuesday, February 16, 2010

matching hats for the boys

I haven't been doing a lot of crocheting lately but as I was cleaning out my yarn stash the other day, I found a bit of inspiration tucked away. I think I'll have some fun projects to show you soon. I did make Tristan a hat while we were in Kansas from this pattern. I decided to make Shawn one as well after Tristan complained that he didn't get to wear matching stuff like his sisters. Tristan was thrilled and I think Dad liked it too. They look cute anyway. Goodness, I love those boys.
So, more crochet fun to come but first we have yet another birthday to celebrate in our house tomorrow...


  1. I'm glad Tristan isn't missing out on the matching now. Maybe you can teach me to crochet when you move up here. :)

  2. definitely, Robin! We're going to have to make a stash of tiny baby things for you guys aren't we:)

  3. Love the hats! Great job as always!


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