Thursday, February 18, 2010

a happy first for kate alexis

My sweet Katie bear is one!
One sweet, funny, happy, messy, beautiful little girl.
One curious baby sister following and mimicking her big sister and brother.
One pair of gorgeous eyes taking in everything and everyone around her.
One pair of little feet taking the first of so many steps.
One set of hands holding our hearts.
One squishy tummy that I can't help but kiss.
One tiny person who adds so much joy to our family.

Happy Birthday, Kate. I'm so thankful I get to be your one Mama.


  1. Happy Birthday Miss Kate! You are such a beautiful baby. May you grow to be a beautiful, smart young lady.

  2. so sweet! Happy first Kate! Those pictures are adorable and lovelove those sweet little pink and brown polka shoes (are they pedipeds?). The Little prince-ss" crown is great too! perfect for a birthday!

  3. Happy birthday Kate! What a beautiful little princess you are.
    auntie Christie

    p.s. those cupcakes are so lovely! did you make them?? love her sweet little crown too! I better start making a blue one . . .

  4. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Time flies, doesn't it?

  5. Melissa -the shoes are pidi-peds, bought special as her "first" shoes. They are really too small now but I crammed her poor little feet into them one last time just so they could be in her one year pictures!

    Christie -I did take over the cake decorating duties this birthday since Shawn was at work all day. I was having so much fun I wanted to hog the job all to myself even though Kenna was begging to help. I let her do the sprinkles and she seemed satisfied with that! :)

  6. A special birthday wish to a very special little granddaughter!...I miss you mimicking my claps, waves and tongue clicks! gd

  7. From the pictures, let me guess the sequence... First she played in her sweet dress, then she ate her birthday cupcake, then she opened her presents. But my favorite one -- Daddy holding her while she drinks her bottle. I have a similar pictures of Lawrence rocking Julia after her first birthday while she drank her bottle. Happy birthday, Kate!

  8. omg already! Those are such sweet photos! I want a cupcake and a crown!


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