Friday, February 22, 2008

should I really tell this story?

In response to Christie's comment on the 'winter' post I feel compelled to tell the story of the day I was possibly the most grossed out EVER by my child. By any child. No, he does not eat the yellow snow, but...
One afternoon he had gone out to the backyard to do what 4 year old boys do. I thought 4 year old boys played in sand boxes and kicked soccer balls and collected rocks in their pockets to show mom later. On this day, not the case. After playing for a short time my dear son came running in the door yelling,
"Mommy! Maverick ate my poop!!"
He was actually a little horrified himself but I think more out of anger that the dog had stolen something he felt proud to have accomplished.
Caution to all you parents of little boys who think it is so convenient to teach them to "pee on a tree", saving the hassle of making a run for the house and not quite making it.
The sad things is, this was not the first incident.
Several weeks earlier I called him in for lunch only to hear him reply,
"OK! but first I gotta shovel my poop!"


  1. Gross!! But maybe it's excellent fertilizer? Could you teach that child to "pea on a tree" and "poop on a compost pile"? Just a thought.

  2. Oh sure! Next time you come visit I'll make you a very nice "organic" salad! mmmmmm!


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