Monday, February 18, 2008

a bit about me.

I like to grow things (flowers, kids...) I like to photograph things (flowers, kids...) I like to read (everything). I like talk radio and free podcasts and kids music that doesn't sound like kids music. I like fresh air blowing in through open windows (even if my house feels like an igloo). I like to sew (just learned). I like to crotchet. I like to think one day I'll figure out how to knit. I like mountains. I like color (flowers, walls, photos, sidewalk chalk...) I like coffee (way too much). I like to watch my 13 month old toddle like a tiny drunken sailor. I like to hear my 4 year old pray (God is great, God is good...) I like my husband (a lot). I like it when he's home (which is not a lot). I like being a Marine wife. I like being a mom. I like being a friend. And I like to think that those are important callings.
We live in a yellow house (picket fence and all) with our two kids and 1 dog (Maverick). We love and laugh and learn and grow (like a garden...)
I like my ordinary life and the extraordinary things that God has done in it.

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