Thursday, April 24, 2014

april showers

sooc spring blooms
Oh my. It has been a while. This month has been full of beauty. I meant to tell you that we finished our CC year and that Tristan achieved his Memory Master title again. I meant to share pictures I took one day of the kids in matchy-matchy outfits (when I decided against my better judgement that taking "real" portraits of them would be fun.) I meant to let you know we would be headed out of town for a while. I thought I might share some photos of my epic road-trip north to Pennsylvania alone with my kids. I have wanted to share pictures of this place and its happenings every day since we arrived and parked under that crazy gorgeous Magnolia tree. One of my babies lost a tooth. I got to hug a dear old high school friend. I filled Easter baskets. I turned thirty-five. Showers of blessing -and flowers too. Oh. So. Many. Flowers. This month has been beautiful.
under The Tree
P.S. If you aren't already a follower, you might want to find me on Instagram. I started a 365 Photo Project on a birthday whim- and so far so good. I have a feeling there are big adventures to come this year. And also some very pretty small moments.


  1. Oh my! Talk about making childhood memories under the old oak tree! This is an absolutely gorgeous picture! Will probably be confiscated by some national publication on line!

  2. And if it is confiscated, our son-in-law can tell you how to make them pay for it. One of his photos ended up on the front of a local telephone directory and they even threw one in his driveway! That's how he found out about it.

    It is a beautiful picture. Glad you're having a great trip.

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