Tuesday, August 27, 2013

back to school

We started school Monday. Sort of.
I thought I'd be waiting a bit longer after the baby was born to get started but it turns out we are a much happier family when we have a little structure and routine to our days. It was time.
I decided to ease into it slowly keeping the expectations low to avoid frustration. I didn't really care what we did as long as we were working on having a "school day" mindset.
first day treats
Instead of waking up and turning on cartoons, the kids found encouraging first day of school notes and treats at the table. A friendly reminder that this day would be different but good.
I made cinnamon rolls and had an extra cup of coffee while we read from Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing. It was peaceful. We haven't had such a peaceful morning together in a long time.
cinnamon rolls
the 4th grader at work
Tristan worked at some math lessons on his own while the girls sat down to reading lessons with me.
There was no mad rush to get out the door. No lost shoes to find. No scramble to remember lunches and folders and backpacks (We saved that madness for today: the first day of Classical Conversations. I honestly think a whole day of homeschooling my kids is easier than ten minutes of getting them into a car.)
Also no one brushed their hair.
the 1st grader reading
and this one. do that thing.
We probably should have brushed some hair. (And I'm pretty sure Kate's shirt was on backwards but at least we made it out of pajamas that day.)
Thankfully the littlest student in the class spent the day looking pretty much like this...
the chill baby
When he did get fussy it was more like this...
baby straight jacket
And so our school year began. We did something school-like anyway. I may not have it all together but we're doing something. And one day at a time we will keep doing some things until suddenly, as in years before, we will find ourselves at the end of another calendar wondering where the days went but having miraculously accomplished all we set out to do. Or so we hope.


  1. Ha ha! Baby free. Baby unfree. Love it.

  2. You're amazing, Kelli--that's all I can say.

  3. Katherine said exactly what I thought. You are truly amazing.
    {love the two pics of Donovan - too funny!}

  4. ok this totally encouraged me as I have started "school" with Josiah now :) we started with his Math lessons - and he's flying through them and his reading curriculum just came in (i noticed Kenna reading from what looks like "ALl About Reading" :) I think I'm excited about our homeschool year this year :)
    wish you were closer so we could "school" together one day. Love those Baby Donavan pics

  5. I don't get on here to check in very often anymore...but this was just what I needed. Thanks for encouraging me about beginning school- I'm enjoying summer too much this year, and having trouble getting excited about school. I LOVE what you did at breakfast- I just may steal your idea. :-)


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