Sunday, June 23, 2013


My sweet girls. I love watching them together, listening to their make believe games, sneaking up to their bedroom door at night to hear whispered conversations and friends and two peas in a pod, yet different as night and day.
I hope they don't have to live thousands of miles apart when they are grown and raising their own children, because that's just no fun at all. We should be making a birthday cake mess in Christie's kitchen today while cousins run wild in the same backyard.
{Happy birthday, Christie and Thaddeus!}


  1. Thank you, Kelli. Yes, thousands of miles are just no fun at all.

  2. Sisters are the BEST! So glad our girls have each other too.

  3. These two girls are so cute and sweet. I'm so glad I was able to be with them briefly in Galveston. Sisters are special and I spent last Tuesday with Carolyn and Glynda Beth spent two nights with me, leaving this morning. I'm blessed. Sorry you and your siblings can't be together more often.
    Auntie Katherine


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