Sunday, April 14, 2013

blessings in a springtime weekend

herb shadows
- had a cute family portrait session downtown on Saturday morning and didn't have to sneeze once. (I love spring, my nose does not.)
- visited a friend's feed and garden supply store and brought eleven bags of garden soil home in my mini-van. It can be done. Also 4 tomato cages, some vegetable seedlings, two hanging pots of petunias, and two giggly little girls who had spent the whole time playing with the baby chicks.
- dug all the old, bad, acidic soil out of my vegetable bed -more than a dozen wheelbarrows full. Kate helped with a plastic beach shovel while Kenna sat in the shade in a princess dress and tiara complaining of the heat.
- enjoyed a date with my husband at Dharma Blue. After all that shoveling, spring rolls and a caramelized pear and goat cheese salad never tasted so good.
- went to a party in the neighborhood while a babysitter handled dinner complaints and bed time routines. Can't beat that.
- enjoyed books on the porch in the sunshine and books in the house while thunderstorms raged (the two best ways to enjoy books.)
- heard from a dear dear dear friend that she will be moving from California into her new house just thirty-one miles away from mine this June. Icing on the cake.
on the springtime porch1

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