Saturday, December 1, 2012

advent in pictures :: december 1

It is advent. Silence? Peace? Quiet? Waiting? Do these words exist in a young child's vocabulary? The holidays fly past in a blur of jingle bells and cookie crumbs. How on earth do we fit advent into the life of a young family? But I am determined in these days to make space for listening to silence -even as the eight year old is turning up the volume on "Rockin' Around the Chistmas Tree" for the fiftieth time.
Together we will gather around our Jesse Tree in the evenings with a basket of wooden ornaments and a tattered Jesus Storybook Bible. We will remember how all the stories of the Bible are telling the same Story. The story of how much God loves us, His children, and how He came to rescue us- how He is rescuing us still every day.
In this space, this month, I will let pictures alone tell our story.
Christie will be posting daily for advent over here again and together we hope to see your advent photos pile up over here again in a continuation of last year's advent series.
Will you join us?
{Be sure to subscribe to christie's blog, There is a River. I promise you will be blessed by her beautiful words.
I would love to have you all contribute to the Advent Flickr group -what does this season look like in your home? Advent is more than candles in darkness, there are no "wrong" pictures, and every photo you add will be part of a beautiful story!}


  1. So looking forward to seeing with your (talented, artistic) eyes this month!

  2. I would love if you have any special traditions (advent) for telling your kids the true Christmas story. I know that now that Caleb is four, I want to tell Jesus' story (in a kid friendly way) more than just the tree and presents and all that stuff.

    I also love how you guys are decorating your Christmas tree in shorts:o)

    1. Elaine, I think you'd like this-
      It's a daily reading from the Storybook Bible -so perfect for kids. It follows along perfectly with the scriptures we are reading with our Jesse Tree which we got ornaments for here-


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