Tuesday, November 6, 2012

In Pennsylvania...

I explored Maplehurst, the new/old beautiful home of my sister and her family, in all it's Autumn glory. Three year old Beau, in his purple boots, was an excellent tour guide.
walking with Beau
I got to meet seven week old baby Elsa. She is teeny-tiny and oh so sweet.
sweet Elsa
We took driving tours of the Amish countryside where horses and buggies shared the road with gawking tourists (i.e. me), exclaiming over laundry lines as one would lovely Christmas decorations. We hunted for covered bridges and warmed ourselves with shepherd's pie at an English pub in horse country.
in lancaster county, pa
We watched hurricane Sandy's winds blowing through one-hundred year old maples taking both yellow and green leaves, and a few limbs for good measure. We were thankful for the blessings of power and water and sturdy storm windows.watching Sandy2
I realized that I have never spent time with my nieces and nephews without the chaos and disruption that cousins can bring. It was fun to be just Aunt for a little while- chasing Beau down the driveway, sharing my jacket with silly Thad, and taking pictures with Lily (though yes, I did very much miss the three that make me Mom and continually found myself thinking how much they will love visiting this place.)
I even got to spend time with my own mom and dad, visiting from Kansas, and also delayed by the storm. Our three quick days together turned into six long coffee drinking, bakery going, cozy-by-the-fire relaxing days!
yiayia at the bus stop
Grandad and Yiayia enjoyed cuddling with grand baby number twelve (Twelve! In nine years!) I marveled at the fact that my own baby Kate was the same size as Elsa (for about two days) almost four years ago. Four. Sigh.
Also, I found the coolest flower ever at Longwood Gardens.
Just before walking outside to see these amazing Water-Platters. Amazing.
giant water-platters
And that pretty much sums it up. Great trip. Thousands of pictures.


  1. Great pictures! I definitely need to see more please

  2. Great pictures! I definitely need to see more please

  3. What a great time! So glad we have the photos to remember it by. It's definitely darker and gloomier here without you ... though the prospect of snow is a good thing. Wish we could have the cousins up this winter for some sledding.


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