Monday, August 27, 2012

hurricane prep

Well, we have water, flashlights, and a supply of boxed and canned food. (Can I just tell you though how hard it was for me to buy all those preservatives?)
Shawn made sure that the stack of plywood that came with the house was going to be useful, and boarded up most of the windows. (Katie took a great nap today!)
boarded up for Isaac
With all that finished and a Monday morning of school under our belts, we were able to move on to the most important task of soaking up fresh air and stretching little legs before the rain sets in. My wise friend, Kelly, suggested a nature hike and it was the perfect thing.
nature walking
With the storm already blowing in, the air was almost pleasant as we strolled along trails on a nearby university campus.
nature walking
The kids walked and turtle watched and peed in the woods and a great time was had by all. Well, all except for Kenna who lost her necklace. She thinks it fell into the water...
turtle watching
Poor, sweet girl was devastated. I reminded her that daddy lost his shoe in the fishing pond in Colorado but it was ok because we'd rather have daddy than the shoe and how much worse would it have been if she had fallen into that murky water herself or if we had lost her sister on the path...oh I went on and on but she was inconsolable.
And then I let her take pictures with my camera and she perked up a bit...
kenna's eyes4
kenna's eyes3
kenna's eyes1
She has a good eye, that girl, and my goodness, Florida is green, isn't it?
I'm going to go take some duct tape to my clanging wind chimes now so I can curl up with a few good books in peace.
And that, I believe, does it for our day of hurricane preparations. 


  1. Will you be adding a spray-painted "Isaac" to the plywood list? You guys stay safe and keep the outside world posted on how you are, as you're able to do so.
    Enjoy some reading time!!

  2. I thought you had evacuated to Texas. Stay safe.

  3. Stay safe and I hope you don't lose power! (I made some of your chocolate chip scone this morning. Yum.)

  4. oh great post. Good idea to get out before you may not be able to. We're keeping on eye on that storm. Hugs to you all especially Kenna (i hate losing special things :(

  5. Hope all is well for you.... Kenna is not a bad photog at all! Keep it up, girlie!

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  7. This is a great article about hurricane preparation. I like how you showed the pictures of the windows boarded up, that is always a good idea. It can protect your home from getting any serious damage inside. It also blocks flying debris and such. People should know that hurricane damage repair is a very good option if your home has weather damages after a hurricane. They can help with so many parts and make the process go smoothly.


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