Wednesday, April 25, 2012

morning at the zoo

pretty giraffes
We've quickly learned that when Florida gives you a cool day in April, you don't ask questions and you don't stay inside. You take it and run.
in the bird cage
We ran to the zoo.
feeding parakeets
We roamed the grounds along with chickens and peacocks and at least one stray turtle.
It was cool enough that we had to wear sweaters. In Florida. In April.
kate and the parakeets
There were no crowds and we could stand around gazing and watching as long as we wanted to. We spent a lot of time with those parakeets. Not so much with the snakes.
florida gator
I wish I had pictures of the babies- a teeny Siamang monkey that clung to it's mother's tummy as she flew across the vines in her enclosure, or Kigali the gorilla that played with a zookeeper in the nursery. So, so cute.
I do like the giraffe photos.
Today we're catching up on a little schoolwork but it's still so beautiful outside I'm not sure how much more we can do. Weather like this won't last and the books will still be here when the heat and humidity return...


  1. That's true. Maybe you should take your school break during the spring and then do school all summer. I'm wearing a sweater as I type this. :)

    1. that's exactly our plan, christie:) with a colorado vacation thrown into July as well of course...

  2. Good advice : ) a cool april day in Florida! Take it and run!

  3. your kids are actually wearing light jackets? so weird!


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