Wednesday, March 14, 2012

five things

hi. yesterday for their CC presentations, the kids had to share five things. since i took a few random photos over the past week or so, here's my five...
i got all those books for $15 at the friend's of the library sale. fifteen bucks, that's it. they are mostly "well loved" old library copies, but took about $200 worth of titles off our wish list. that's a good deal.
my veggie garden is coming alive with baby lettuces and a few other greens. mel's mix seems to be the way to go. i planted the rest of the bed just yesterday.
helping dad
shawn is building a fantastic storage bench on the porch. once finished we will paint it white and cover it with pretty cushions. and then we will gaze at it through the window all summer until the temperatures drop again in the fall.
the kids are taking swimming lessons at the university on saturdays. as i watch them i find myself gazing with longing at all those still, empty lanes. i want to dive in and power across the pool with no other thoughts in my head except breathe, breathe, breathe.
it is very nearly spring. every tree and shrub outside is in bloom (the azaleas around here are spectacular) and every nose in the house is running. today we will stuff tissues in our pockets to plant flowers in the front yard.

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  1. oh, i agree with you about mel's mix. the only tricky part for us was trying to find more than one type of compost. but at least it got us out and about town visiting all the little random nurseries.


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