Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a day in the life...

on his scooter
mentos rockets
science fun
fort building
...of a very nearly eight year old boy.


  1. So much FUN! Scrolling through your post, I grinned with the photo of the exploding soda bottle and thought "I've got to give Kelli some of my experiments that I did with kids while studying Gas Laws." .... And then I see T with the balloon on the bottle with baking soda, Mentos, and I'm sure other things like vinegar and water. Psh, what do you need a "real" (ha!) science teacher for?
    (But really, if you want to know how to make fire bubbles and light your arm on fire safely, I'm your girl.)

  2. That is an awesome tree branch fort.

  3. He's getting so big! Wish we could see you guys again soon.

  4. Happy birthday to an energetic, creative grandson!

  5. The patio turned out terrific! Love it and know it will add a ton of usefulness in your backyard.


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