Tuesday, January 31, 2012

looking for inspiration

and life wins
I'm in a rut. Or I'm just tired. Or both? I haven't been taking many pictures lately and when I do they aren't very good. They're tired too. So this coming month I'm going to try to do something about that. For each of February's twenty-nine days I will take at least one photo. I will post it here along with twenty-nine words or less explaining it (or not explaining anything at all. They might have nothing to do with the photo. They might be some interesting words I read that day or some words my two year old put together which are usually more interesting than anything I come up with anyway. Perhaps I will let the photo speak for itself...) It's pretty simple really, no hard rules, no judgements, no official project name- just me and my camera trying to work our way back out into the sunshine.


  1. January and February are always the hardest months for me. I think that's why I seem to always start a photo project in February. Looking forward to your pics!


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