Wednesday, December 7, 2011

how do you see it?

lights by candlelight

{Please join me each day until Christmas at There is a River with my sister, Christie Purifoy, as she shares beautiful thoughts, poetry, and prayers for Advent against a backdrop of the images you will see here. You are also invited to contribute your own photos to the Advent Flickr group. If you are not a photographer, we hope you will still join both of us there to watch as the season quietly unfolds in pictures.}


  1. Laughing in jingle bell color for the pic. In life, silent night--harder to do with Clark Griswald though where everything is jingle bell color.

  2. Hmmm. Deep thoughts tonight... For me it's almost like the difference between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Christmas Eve brings thoughts of candlelight services, traditional hymns, reflecting on Mary and what she and Joseph endured (labor? in a stable? without another woman to help? not quite a time for jingle bells), and quiet anticipation. Christmas Day is a day of joyous celebration (not that Christmas Eve isn't... but it's a more raucous celebration I suppose!) -- celebrating His birth, showering each other with gifts, loud noises from new toys and crinkly wrapping paper and laughter. I can relate to both the silent night and jingle bells comparisons.

  3. oh, those colors. i love them. we almost went the colored lights route this year. next time the string of lights fail us... such joyful colors.


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