Friday, November 11, 2011

on back soon

We've been on a staycation of sorts here in the Campbell household. With GG, GranD and Mike visiting from Texas, we have enjoyed stepping away from the school books in favor of trips to the museum, Fort Pickens, and the beach. (Also that fancy schmancy date night of ours was courtesy of our three gracious sitters!)
After a fun time relaxing and catching up, they headed home Wednesday, and on Thursday night my sister and her family arrived. We just got back from the beach where we played in the sand, watched the jellyfish bobbing along in the calmest seas I've ever seen, and ate giant slices of key lime pie at Flounders.
All this fun means lots and lots of pictures will be coming your way in the next week. Stay tuned. For now, the staycation continues.

(p.s. that word -staycation- always kind of annoyed me. still does. why is that?)

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