Sunday, June 19, 2011

some things, because

::because we're not with him today and we miss him.
::because we think he's the best and appreciate him every day.
::because he makes great paper airplanes and strings fishing with dad
::because when he finds a huge tax return check and his newly earned starbucks gold card in the mail, he opens the starbucks card first.
::because he can build anything out of legos and loves to snuggle his is so cool
::because he likes to watch masterpiece theater.
::because he loves me (lots) the way I am (crazy) and has given me three (awesome and crazy) kids who he also loves (lots).
::because we will be scrambling to get out the door with all our shoes and shirts and brains and he will suddenly pick up the guitar and start playing like he's got nowhere to be. (part of me will get annoyed but the other part of me will tell me I shouldn't because he's good at it and katie is starting to dance.)
::because the coffee is better when he makes it.
::because he provides and protects.
USMC Birthday Ball
::because there are three little people that think the world of him and miss him when he's gone and squeal at the site of him coming in the door.
::because he is going to install a house-full of new flooring all by himself so that we can save some bucks and get the kids a good playset for the backyard.
::because he's also going to build that playset.
go dad!
::because he is patient.
::because he is kind.
::because he is fun.Annapolis1
::because my favorite pictures are always the ones of him with the kids.
::because he tells cheesy jokes and repeats old movie lines again and again -even though we don't always get it or laugh.
::because he is training his children well and showing them how much the Father loves them.
::because he is who he is.

happy father's day, shawn ~ love, us


  1. my favorite was the part about him playing the guitar while trying to leave the house - hahah! Great post!


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